Persona Selection

Persona Selection

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After the initial Character Creation, the second task is Persona Selection.   The ancestor to your character is one of these chosen personas, all of whom were extraordinary hunters from the past. 

Here is some brief context about these hunters, for which when you have time you may read upon further:

Alcyone is one of the seven daughters of the Pleiades constellation (the 2nd one). These were mountain nymphs that accompanied the great hunter Artemis. Alcyone fathered several children with Poseidon.

Skadi comes from Norse, she hunted while skiing. There is a humorous story about how she chose her husband (by only looking at his toes), and also about how Loki made her laugh.

Cyrene was also a companion of Artemis, and was made famous for wrestling a lion. So impressed with this, Apollo made Cyrene a queen of North Africa (Libya).

Rudra is a very ancient Hindu god of “Storms and Winds,” but eventually (Rudra-Shiva) became associated with hunting. He “protected wild life and nature.” He had a sister named Ambika.

Orion is a very famous hunter (and is one of most prominent constellations in the sky). He hunted with Artemis on the island of Crete. It is said he became blind at some point, but then was restored by the gods. There is a humorous story here regarding where his name came from.

Sidon is most famous for being the name of an ancient city (in Lebanon) related to producing purple dye (a difficult task thus making this color associated with royalty). The word mean “fish hunting.”

You can press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to select a persona.  Upon doing so, you will see an updated graph on various STATS correspond to the highlighted persona.  A longer graph for any specific STAT indicates greater strength in that STAT.  Each persona will have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, which will alter the nature of your encounter with the CHALLENGES.   ALCYONE is considered the “normal” difficulty and the others have relative strengths and weaknesses.   New players are suggested to use SIDON to get familiar with the controls, as that is the “easy” choice.

The STATS are described as follows:

LAND MOVE:  Indicates the personas rate of mobility within map terrain that is not water.

WATER MOVE:  Indicates the personas rate of mobility within water portions of the terrain.  Typically water movement is more difficult and slower.

STEALTH: A higher stealth corresponds to a greater chance of not being sensed by CHALLENGES, due to moving more quietly.

MAX.ARROWS:  Indicates the maximum number of arrows this persona can carry at once.  Collecting more arrows while already at the maximum will waste that collection.

RANGE:  Corresponds to how far this persona can fire an arrow.

ATTACK:  When a CHALLENGE is attacked, this stat is used to determine if that attack is successful (corresponding to the personas proficiency and precision at using a bow).  A higher graph corresponds a larger chance of success at hitting a CHALLENGE.

DEFENSE:  Likewise, when a CHALLENGE attacks you, this stat corresponds to your agility and overall ability to dodge that attack.  A higher graph corresponds to a larger chance of success at avoiding the attack.

HEALTH:  This graph is the maximum health this persona has, representing their overall constitution.  Personas with lower health will need to rely on PERSISTENCE more often.

Your character will inherit these same stats from the chosen persona.  Designate a chosen persona and then make the selection by pressing RETURN

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