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If you don’t have a vintage computer, no problem! You can use an emulator. See instructions in the “How to Load and Run Destiny Hunter” section of the DOWNLOADS link.

Destiny Hunter is a short computer game written for the Commodore PET in Spring 2021. It has also been adapted to multiple vintage computer systems!

The intent of this experience is to be a tribute to the advent of software and digital computing systems that made this form of media possible: accepting keyboard inputs and depicting virtualized responses to those inputs. While conceptualized in 1950s, this was an experience that did not exist in homes before the 1970s.

More specifically, Destiny Hunter is a tribute to the memory of Chuck Peddle (prime creator of the 6502 and the PET system) and 8-bit computing. In addition, it is a tribute to Sierra On-Line, a company that pioneered the idea of using computers for interactive animated stories. I was honored to make the trek to their historic headquarters in Oakhurst.

This project is also to demonstrate the use of various modern tools (64-bit) used to produce this media with target machine-language that is compatible with these legacy (8-bit) systems.

To obtain the game, see the Download page.

For details about the game, see the game manual >>here<<

The following systems are supported: (32KB RAM minimum for all systems)

  • 1977 Commodore PET (40 and 80 column text mode, sound, gamepad, tape)
  • 1977 Apple ][ (40×24 text mode, sound)
  • 1980 TRS-80 Model 3 (64×16 text mode, sound)
  • 1981 IBM PC (40×25 color mode)
  • 1982 Commodore 64 (40×25 color mode)

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Downloads (PET, C64, Apple ][, TRS-80, IBM PC)

Comments (any question or comment about DH!)

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The population of pioneering individuals that led to the development of these original hardware systems is dwindling, such that soon the last generation that knew the world Before Computers will be passed. 1,000 years from now, our descendants will ponder about how the Digital Age began, to reflect upon that exact moment of this extraordinary transition.

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Several weeks went into the development of DH, starting from an empty “int main()” from scratch. Amy and I greatly appreciate your donation and hope to someday make a sequel that is even more extensive!

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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