Instructions using Floppy Disk

INSTRUCTIONS using floppy disk

DOWNLOAD (ZIP w/ text file instructions and all binaries)

  • I do not have a physical PET disk drive! So these are very general guidelines, as I have no way to verify the process.
  • HERE is a good summary of the physical disk drives available to the Commodore PET. Even if you have a copy of DH on a disk, that disk needs to be compatible with the type of disk drive you have available (and also know proper commands to access the drive; be careful as some drives have some very specific procedures on how they must be operated, or they can potentially damage a disk).
  • The disk drive connects similar to the SD2PET device (can see a photo of what that setup looks like here), in the longer IEEE expansion port on the back side of the Commodore PET
  • To get DH onto a disk, you would need to load it from a tape (or SD-card) and then save it back to a disk.
  • I am not sure if the SD2PET and a real physical disk drive is “hot-swappable” while the machine is on (i.e. to load using the SD2PET and then swap in a real disk drive to then save it back to disk while still loaded in memory). Though it may be possible to “daisy chain” and attach the SD2PET to the disk drive, so that both drives are available at the same time
  • Like the SD2PET, you can type DIRECTORY to verify disk content and DLOAD “DHUNTERPET.PRG” to begin the loading process (which should only take several seconds, not minutes like the tape process!)
  • Once at least one disk copy is available, then use a “dual floppy disk drive” to make additional copies
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