Character Creation

Character Creation

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When you begin Destiny Hunter, you first establish the DIRECTION of your character.  You will see a flickering of motion across near the top of screen, representing the fates molding your DIRECTION.  The speed is so intense, you cannot reliably predict what your DIRECTION will end up being.   The selection is categorized as being either YONI or LANGI.  While the selection does alter aspects of your adventure experience, the overall challenge will remain the same regardless of the result.     Press SPACEBAR at any time to bestow your destined DIRECTION! 

The next aspect of character creation is called the CHIMES.  These chimes represent eight spirits that are encountered along the passage of your character being created.  These spirits are acknowledged by ringing their corresponding chime, which is also done by pressing SPACEBAR.  Typically, the respect you have shown by ringing a chime is acknowledged and you simply proceed to the next one.  But sometimes, an interesting thing can happen: the spirit may award you a BLESSING.   Such a spirit may initially be reluctant on deciding if you are worthy of such a gift, and may insist that you ring the chime again.  These manifest as AGAIN chances.

You receive a PERSISTENCY for each AGAIN chance.   Should you become weakened during your adventure, use PERSISTENCY to recover your health, giving you the willpower to endure.  As for BLESSINGS, their purpose is said to be related to the bending of time, and they are quite rare and valuable.

BLESSINGS can only be obtained from these spirits, whereas conquering CHALLENGES will award arrows and PERSISTENCY.

Once you have rung all the CHIMES, you will see a tally of your BLESSING and PERSISTENCY.  The final step of character creation is to accept these results (by pressing RETURN), or to try again (press X).

The above is an example of a typical character start:  There were several AGAINs (indicated by the numbers next to the CHIMES; sometimes the spirits may demand multiple rings of their chimes, and will award multiple PERSISTENCY in doing so) and two BLESSING, where the BLESSING also includes PERSISTENCY

In the example above: 2+4+1+1 = 8 total PERSISTENCY awarded for the initial STAGE.

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