Instructions using Online Emulator

INSTRUCTIONS using online emulator

The “Web” itself has become a PLATFORM, a sort of SYSTEM. It is now possible for many “traditional desktop applications” to be hosted directly “on the Web.” This avoids confusing installation processes and allows the application to be constantly up to date.

Ironically this was how computing was in the beginning, in the 1960s with MIT: They used “dumb terminals” to connect to mainframes. The connected clients did hardly any processing capability of their own, as all the actual work was done on the mainframe. But the technologies at the time made it impractical to scale that capability to the masses, giving rise to the need for Personal Computer by the late 1970s.

With the rise of the Internet in the mid-1990s, Fiber Optic cables and ingenious wireless compression protocols have made the concept of “dumb terminals” once again practical: low power devices, like tablets, can interface all the back-end capability hosted within huge data-centers!

An Online Emulator is essentially the same as the Desktop Emulator, but runs within a Web Browser. No installation is necessary, it is always up to date, and it stands ready to support thousands of connections throughout the day as needed.

However, you must still provide the Online Emulator with the PRG program that you want to run. Here are the general steps to do so:

DOWNLOAD (ZIP w/ text file instructions and all binaries)


  • Uncompress the DHUNTERPET_FINAL.ZIP to a folder
  • Go to the PET emulator website here
  • Set the emulator to have “RAM: 32K” (drop down box at bottom right corner)
  • Be sure that “Keyboard” drop-down is set to “Games” for some improved performance in key responses.
  • Drag the DHUNTERPET.PRG file into the black box area, it should auto-load (type RUN <RETURN> if not). This is quite similar to the Desktop Emulator process.
  • If Drag and Drop is not working or is not available (different web-browsers may have different features or capabilities activated), here is the alternative: select Mount File (above the keyboard in emulator) and choose the DHUNTERPET.PRG file from your local system, then click the small “BIN” button to the right of Mount File to load and run the mounted file.
  • NOTE: The emulator is very good, but will run slower than the real system. Close all other applications you have running to help the emulator have the best performance available.
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