Instructions for TRS-80 build

Instructions for TRS-80 build
(48K RAM required, Model 3 or Model 4)

DOWNLOAD (dsthntm3.cmd) [binary for TRS-80 Model 3]

Using the trs80gp emulator, from the command-line you can run the DHUNTER TRS-80 Model 3 (m3) executable as follows:

trs80gp -m3 dsthntm3.cmd -dx


  • Suggest selecting persona of SIDON (easiest)
  • On first stage, you must acquire the BOW and ARROWS before any challenges will appear (then those challenges must be defeated to proceed to the next stage)

CONTROLS (same as Commodore PET version)

  • W/A/S/D = movement up, left, down, right
  • NUM-PAD 4 and 6 = aim bow left/right (after acquired)
  • NUM-PAD 0 (zero) = use persistency (heal health)
  • NUM-PAD 8 = use FLIP SKILL (after acquired! ~200 steps)
  • SPACE = fire arrow (only if have arrows)
  • P = PAUSE (press any key to resume)
  • O = USE ORB (only if acquired!)
  • F = FINISH MAP (after defeating all challenges)
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