Instructions for IBM PC Version

Instructions for IBM PC Version


The IBM PC 5150 color version! (MDA monochrome version not yet available, as MDA is 80×25 only).

NOTE: During STAGE maps, you can press ESCAPE to exit the DHUNTER.COM program and return to the DOS system.

NOTE: You may need to press NUM LOCK to have the game respond to keypad controls (0, 4, 6, 8).

Use 86BOX or PCem emulators. BIOS ROMs will be required.

Use WinImage to create a floppy disk image and “inject” the DHUNTER binary to that image, which is of a suitable format to your setup (5.25″ or 3.5″, with a variety of sub-formats: 160KB, 320KB, 720KB, etc. supported depending on which Operating System you are using).

DHUNTER has been emulated with both a 1981 IBM PC 5150 PC DOS 1.00 64KB configuration, and MS-DOS 3.x or 6.x emulation.

NOTE: As a .COM binary, DHUNTER could technically be loaded from cassette using ROM BASIC C1.0, as was available on the early IBM PC5150 models.

….more TBD… (screenshots to come)

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