Instructions using Desktop Emulator

Instructions: Commodore PET Online Emulator

INSTRUCTIONS using desktop emulator

A Desktop Emulator is a program that runs directly within your Operating System, as a “desktop” application, to emulate the runtime of an application that is intended for a different system. Specifically, the emulator you need here is called a “6502 Emulator” (that emulates the instruction set of a 6502 microprocessor). However, computers are more than the central microprocessor: an emulator will also emulate RAM, VIA, I/O ports, and the output screen (all aspects of the INTEGRATED SYSTEM, not just a single component of it).

This is how the software for the very first Personal Computers were developed (e.g. BASIC)! They were developed by being “emulated” on large systems (e.g. PDP-1). Once the program was determined to be correct, it was assembled into an executable that could be loaded by the TARGET system (e.g. the Commodore PET).

Here is what you need to get up and going to run DH in an emulator:

DOWNLOAD (ZIP w/ text file instructions and all binaries)

  • Obtain the VICE (Commodore Emulator) from here
  • Run the PET (xpet.exe) or C64 emulator (x64sc.exe)
  • Uncompress the DHUNTERxxx.ZIP to a folder (may need WinRAR or 7-Zip, or in nearly any Windows version you can double-click into the ZIP and copy and paste the files out)
  • Open that folder containing the DHUNTERxxx.PRG, then left-click and drag the DHUNTERxxx.PRG file to the VICE emulator (xxx is PET or C64 depending on which version you prefer).
Use ALT-A and Autostart (bottom left) to select the PRG or Drag and Drop the PRG File
Typical PET 4032 configuration used to test DH

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